TestStand specialists

TestStand™ developers (also freelance), available for projects worldwide

Current status

At the moment we have a number of highly motivated TestStand specialists available, ready to support any challenging project:
  • 2 professionals (Eastern-Europe only)
  • 1 professional (worldwide support)

All are professionals are fluent in English and German, with some of them also fluent in French, Dutch or Polish.

As an example,

  • One of our clients in Hannover, Germany/Deutschland required a test automation engineer for the duration of two weeks for a project involving chemical industry specific hardware, GPIB programming & experience with computer vision programming which was about to miss a deadline. We sent one of our specialists, an experienced LabVIEW & TestStand developer who finished the software and maintenaince training in just 6 days.

Please contact us to get a personalized quote:

Request quotation

If you require a quotation for a specific project for which you need one of our specialists, please provide us with the following information:

  • Project description & planning (to help determine feasability)
  • Location of the project (to determine travelling expenses and suitable engineer)
  • Duration of the project (estimate)

Depending on the task and project planning, we can offer additional development capacity. This means that only one or two of our developers work on-site, and can offload tasks to our other engineers worldwide, saving valuable development time while preserving our proven engineering quality.

Contact us to discuss your TestStand developer / entwickler / designer requirements.

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