Python developers, available for projects worldwide

Current status

At the moment we have one Python developer available, ready to support any challenging project.
All our professionals are fluent in English and German, with some of them also fluent in French, Dutch or Polish.

Experience with:

  • Python
  • PyCV (Python computer vision toolkit, image recognition with Python and OpenCV)
  • LED detection using a webcam with Python


Our professionals hourly rates depend on required skills, experience, and duration & location of the assignment.
We can also offer a fixed-price quotations, but only if detailed & complete development specs for your project are available.

Please contact us to get a personalized quote:

Request quotation

If you require a quotation for a specific project for which you need one of our specialists, please provide us with the following information:

  • Project description & planning (to help determine feasability)
  • Location of the project (to determine travelling expenses and suitable engineer)
  • Duration of the project (estimate)

Depending on the task and project planning, we can offer additional development capacity. This means that only one or two of our developers work on-site, and can offload tasks to our other engineers worldwide, saving valuable development time while preserving our proven engineering quality.

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